This is my first fic here, I uploaded two Zoethian fictions on the Yogscast Wiki. Please do not eat me alive if you don't like it. This is just going to be one shot drabble thing because I've been inspired to write some more, starting slowly and then perhaps improving.


He never thought that he would be this alone. Watching the noise of the world speed by outside his dirty window whilst he stood inside, tinkering with machinery and creating matter out of scrap. Day after day, the same thing, all day, everyday. He had the first intention of being alone, for space, quiet and concentration, but never thought it would end up like this. He talks to himself, whispers things that he hopes no one would hear. He's left to his own devices and his constant spiralling emotions. People think that he's insane.

Lalna's not insane. He's just, lonely.

Staring out of the window once more, he wipes away some grime with his sleeve so the stained labcoat gets a darker cuff, but at least he can see through the window, avoiding the scruffy blonde haired man in the reflection.

Lalna's eyes don't fix on anything in particular, just like usual. He picks up a Harvest Goddess ring he crafted many moons ago off his work bench.

"Go outside, go on, you can do it. Talk to people, talk to her." A cynical whisper commands the Scientist.

'They think I'm crazy, mad. The mad Scientist.' He fights back.

The whisper turns into a cry, louder than the churning machines, making the castle seem silent with only his voice in existance. "I'm NOT crazy"

'To them you are' Lalna buries his head in his hands to hide his sodden face from himself and the window.

Twisting the ring around his fingers and wiping his face he takes one last look out of the streak in the glass and his sight makes his palms go clammy and grasp the small ring tight.

A flash of red sparks into the sky, taking Lalna's breath away. This red thing just so happens to be a person. Lalna presses his face up against the glass as he watches. Lalna shakes it off as being someone messing around with their flying ring, but on closer inspection he watches the figure as it falls.

As she falls.

Calling her name as she falls from his vision, it once again fills his castle with the sound of his crys.

He didn't want to be alone anymore. He knew.

She fell from the sky. Like the ring fell from his hand.