Well I had this dream for a couple of days so I thought would make a fiction about it... But i really need to continue on my other fics, but it can wait. Anyway lets get to the fic.

Prologue: The ChosenEdit

I was running through the castle as fast as I could. I heard there was a New born of the of the Light Mage Queen and the Dark Ender King. Everyone said that the new born was special, more than anything else. People felt that she would be one of the few Chosen.

When I got to the large door, I was excited. I opened it slowly, the Queen looked at me and smiled "Come on. Its okay." I walked and looked at the baby. She was so cute. She had purple eyes, but one darker than the other. I was so happy that I had a new little sister. Now I'm might be never alone.

"What's her name?" I asked the Queen. "Eclipse." She said smiling. "That's a wonderful name." I smiled back. Eclipse... We will be friends till the end. "We should bring here to her room. She probably needs a rest." The queen said. "Yes, probably." I replied. I follow her to the crib and watch her fall asleep. In a few years. I can teach you all the things I've learned.

Chapter 1: TrainingEdit

  • 8 years later*

"Eclipse, Wake up!! Your late for your first Dark magic lesson!!" My brother, Shadow said, pulling me off my bed. "Ow! My head!" I said, sitting up. "Well get up your late for training." He said, helping me up. "But I promise Panda that he and I would go with him to the rainbow tree forest." I whined. "And I promise dad that I would teach you some Dark magic spells today. So get changed and meet me outside." He said leaving my room. Shadow is 16 and is way over protected with me. He has brown hair and purple eyes, like our dad. But he was still my brother and was still the one I could look up too.

I did as he said and went to my mirror to brush my hair. I was wearing jeans, a white shirt and I had a Half white jacket and the other black. It was my favorite jacket, not because my mom made it, but because it reminded me of who I was. I was the first person to be able to use Dark and Light powers. I mastered light magic in a month, faster than others, and I am learning dark today.

Still working on it...